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Date Contributor Contributor Organization Candidate Contribution Amount
10/22/2020 Pinnacle West Capital Corporation Pac Pinnacle West Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/22/2020 Motorola Solutions, Inc. Political Action Committee Motorola Solutions Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/22/2020 American Airlines Political Action Committee American Airlines Group Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/20/2020 Sazerac Company, Inc. Pac (sazeracpac) SAZERAC COMPANY, INC. PAC (SAZERACPAC) Susan Collins $2,000.00
10/20/2020 Acsm-nsps Pac ACSM-NSPS PAC Susan Collins $500.00
10/16/2020 Genworth Financial Inc Political Action Committee Genworth Financial Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/16/2020 Xerox Corporation Political Action Committee (xpac) Xerox Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/15/2020 Verizon Communications Inc./verizon Wireless Good Government Club (verizon/verizon Wireles Verizon Communications Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/15/2020 The Dow Chemical Company Employees Pac (dowpac) Dow Inc. Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/15/2020 Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Political Action Committee Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/14/2020 Amgen Inc. Political Action Committee Amgen Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/14/2020 Clear Channel Communications Inc. Pac iHeartMedia Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/14/2020 Direct Supply Inc Partners Pac Direct Supply Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/14/2020 Maximus Inc Pac (maxpac) Maximus Inc Pac (maxpac) Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/14/2020 Bank of America Corp Federal Pac Bank Of America Corp Federal Pac Susan Collins $500.00
10/14/2020 Crowley Maritime Corp Federal Pac Crowley Maritime Corp Federal Pac Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/14/2020 The Premier Inc Employees Civic Action Fund The Premier Inc Employees Civic Action Fund Susan Collins $2,500.00
10/14/2020 Continental Airlines Inc Employee Fund for a Better America Pac United Airlines Holdings Susan Collins $4,000.00
10/13/2020 Best Buy Co., Inc Employee Political Forum Best Buy Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/12/2020 The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Federal Pac Northwestern Mutual Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/12/2020 Kirby Corporation Political Action Committee Kirby Corporation Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/09/2020 Werner Enterprises Inc Political Action Committee Werner Enterprises Susan Collins $4,000.00
10/09/2020 Sysco Corporation Good Government Committee Sysco Corporation Susan Collins $-2,000.00
10/08/2020 Flowers Industries Inc Political Action Committee Flowers Foods Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/08/2020 Devon Energy Corporation Political Action Committee (dec Pac) Devon Energy Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/08/2020 Conocophillips Spirit Pac ConocoPhillips Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/07/2020 Wakefern Food Corp. Political Action Committee Wakefern Food Corporation Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/07/2020 Comerica Inc. Pac Comerica Bank Susan Collins $3,800.00
10/07/2020 Salem Communications Corporation Political Action Committee Salem Media Group Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/07/2020 Evoc Regulatory Services Inc Political Action Committee EVOC Regulatory Services Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/07/2020 Mcgraw-hill Companies Inc Political Action Committee; the S&P Global Susan Collins $5,000.00
10/06/2020 Career Education Corporation Pac (cec Pac) Career Education Corporation Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/06/2020 Louisiana-pacific Corp Federal Pac Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Susan Collins $1,000.00
10/06/2020 Pan-american Life Insurance Company Pac (palic Pac) Pan-American Life Insurance Group Susan Collins $1,000.00
09/30/2020 Alliance Data Systems Inc Pac Alliance Data Systems Susan Collins $2,500.00
09/29/2020 Express Services Inc Pac EXPRESS SERVICES INC PAC Susan Collins $5,000.00
09/29/2020 Bank of America Corporation Federal Pac Bank of America Susan Collins $1,000.00
09/28/2020 Experian North America, Inc Political Action Committee (experian Pac) Experian Susan Collins $5,000.00
09/25/2020 Lincoln Club of Northern California Federal Pac Lincoln Club of Northern California Susan Collins $2,500.00
09/25/2020 Centene Corporation Political Action Committee (centene Pac) Centene Corporation Susan Collins $2,500.00
09/25/2020 Regions Financial Corporation Political Action Committee Regions Financial Susan Collins $5,000.00
09/25/2020 Quicken Loans Inc Pac Quicken Loans Susan Collins $5,000.00
09/25/2020 Trans Union Corporation Political Action Committee TransUnion Susan Collins $5,000.00
09/25/2020 The Dow Chemical Company Employees Pac (dowpac) Dow Inc. Susan Collins $1,000.00
09/25/2020 Intel Corporation Political Action Committee Intel Corporation Susan Collins $2,500.00
09/24/2020 Oneamerica Financial Partners, Inc. Pac OneAmerica Financial Partners Susan Collins $2,800.00
09/24/2020 Wells Fargo and Company Employees Good Government Federal Fund Ii Wells Fargo Susan Collins $2,500.00
09/24/2020 The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Political Action Committee Goldman Sachs Group Susan Collins $1,000.00
09/24/2020 Cgi Technologies and Solutions Inc. Pac CGI Group Susan Collins $1,000.00
09/24/2020 American Fidelity Corporation Pac American Fidelity Assurance Susan Collins $2,800.00

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