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Date Contributor Contributor Organization Candidate Contribution Amount
11/09/2020 Publix Super Markets, Inc. Associates Political Action Committee Publix Super Markets Mitch Mcconnell $-5,000.00
11/09/2020 Unum Group Political Action Committee (unumpac) Unum Group Mitch Mcconnell $-2,500.00
10/29/2020 Boehringer Ingelheim Usa Corporation Political Action Committee Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
10/29/2020 Salem Communications Corporation Political Action Committee Salem Media Group Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/27/2020 Liberty Media Corporation Pac Aka Liberty Media Pac Liberty Media Mitch Mcconnell $1,250.00
10/26/2020 Liberty Interactive Corporation Pac Aka Liberty Interactive Pac Qurate Retail Mitch Mcconnell $1,250.00
10/20/2020 Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Political Action Committee Enterprise Holdings Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/15/2020 Century Aluminum Company Pac Century Aluminum Company Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
10/13/2020 Calgon Carbon Corporation Pac Inc Calgon Carbon Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
10/12/2020 Plains All American Gp Llc Pac PLAINS ALL AMERICAN GP LLC PAC Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/12/2020 Discover Financial Services Political Action Committee Discover Financial Services Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/12/2020 Cargill, Incorporated Political Action Committee Cargill Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
10/09/2020 Sysco Corporation Good Government Committee Sysco Corporation Mitch Mcconnell $-2,500.00
10/09/2020 Maynard Cooper & Gale Pc Pac Maynard Cooper & Gale Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/08/2020 Csx Corporation Good Government Fund CSX Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
10/07/2020 Amgen Inc. Political Action Committee Amgen Mitch Mcconnell $1,500.00
10/05/2020 Metlife Inc. Employees' Pol. Participation Fund a - Federal Only MetLife Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/05/2020 Diversified Gas & Oil Corporation Pac DIVERSIFIED GAS & OIL CORPORATION PAC Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
10/02/2020 American Public Power Association, Public Ownership of Electric Resources Pac American Public Power Association Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
10/02/2020 Universal Leaf Tobacco Company, Incorporated Political Action Committee (federal) Universal Leaf Tobacco Mitch Mcconnell $2,000.00
10/02/2020 Delaware North Companies Inc Political Action Committee Delaware North Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
10/01/2020 Werner Enterprises Inc Political Action Committee Werner Enterprises Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
10/01/2020 Jbs Usa Llc Pac JBS USA Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
10/01/2020 Polyone Corp. Political Action Committee PolyOne Corporation Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
09/30/2020 Serco Inc. Political Action Committee (serco Pac) Serco Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/30/2020 Encompass Health Corporation Political Action Committee Encompass Health Corporation Political Action Committee Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/30/2020 Mondelez International Inc. Pac Mondelez International Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
09/30/2020 Encore Capital Group Inc Political Action Committee Encore Capital Group Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/30/2020 Lehigh Hanson Inc Political Action Committee Lehigh Hanson Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/30/2020 Aecom Management Services Pac AECOM MANAGEMENT SERVICES PAC Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/30/2020 Villagemd Pac VILLAGEMD PAC Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
09/29/2020 Mastercard International Inc. Employees' Pac MasterCard Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/29/2020 Humana Inc. Political Action Committee Humana Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/28/2020 Nasdaq Omx Group, Inc. Pac (nasdaq Pac) NASDAQ OMX Group Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/28/2020 Blackrock Capital Management Inc. Political Action Committee (blackrock Pac) BlackRock Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/25/2020 Brooke Holdings Llc and Jackson National Life Insurance Company Ssf (jackson National Pac) Jackson National Life Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/25/2020 The Coca-cola Company Nonpartisan Committee for Good Government Coca-Cola Company Mitch Mcconnell $4,000.00
09/24/2020 Te Connectivity, Inc. Political Action Committee Telpac TE Connectivity Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/22/2020 Mdu Resources Group Good Government Fund MDU Resources Group Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/22/2020 Qualcomm Incorporated Political Action Committee (qpac) Qualcomm Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/21/2020 Emd Serono, Inc. Political Action Committee EMD Serono Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/18/2020 Deere & Company Pac (aka John Deere Pac) Deere & Company Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/17/2020 Pharmavite Llc Political Action Committee (pharmavite Pac) Pharmavite Mitch Mcconnell $1,000.00
09/17/2020 Cox Enterprises Pac (coxpac) Inc. Cox Enterprises Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/15/2020 Portland Cement Association Inc. Pca Pac Portland Cement Association Mitch Mcconnell $4,000.00
09/15/2020 Arkema Political Action Committee Arkema Mitch Mcconnell $2,500.00
09/14/2020 Chesapeake Energy Corporation Fed-pac Chesapeake Energy Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/14/2020 Asplundh Tree Expert Co Political Action Committee (ate Pac) Asplundh Tree Expert Company Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/11/2020 National Health Corporation Pac National HealthCare Corporation Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00
09/11/2020 Allegiant Travel Company Political Action Committee Allegiant Travel Company Political Action Committee Mitch Mcconnell $5,000.00

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Please cite as “Maplight analysis of campaign contributions to the principal campaign committees of candidates for federal office.” All numbers are based on the latest data made available by the Federal Election Commission as of November 27, 2022.